Welcome to the EFT Tapping Hub, as you can see we love tapping and as you discover just how powerful tapping can be when given the correct instruction, like me you will be using the process everyday on all kinds of challenges. The EFT Tapping Hub has been here since 2009 helping others discover the true art of the technique. We offer all levels of learning from newbies to more advanced practitioners. Choose your level below…S C U L P T U R E  &  A R T

Our Ultimate Intro is Ideal for new students of the EFT Tapping process.

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All here sharing their knowledge with you in one place, and as you listen you will discover many new insights!

Top trainers from around the world share the EFT Tapping Hub material with students to complement the many workshops and trainings they hold.

It is considered a valuable resource, that you just can’t access when working on your own or with one individual teacher.

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Advanced Tappers

If you have been studying the tapping process for a while and have a level of confidence with it then you will enjoy our monthly email option that sends video insights to you from some of the leading lights who explain many new concepts and help you to develop your tapping skills.

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