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Your Tapping Questions Answered!

Tapping offers great healing benefits.”
– Deepak Chopra, MD

Are you curious about what EFT Tapping can do for you?

Since 2007 the EFT Tapping Hub has been answering your important tapping questions. From the basics to how the more advanced and in-depth concepts work.

We are passionate about sharing this knowledge with you and we are blessed to have access to over 50 leaders in the field of tapping who will be helping you to truly understand and discover the true art of EFT Tapping and its potential to change peoples lives in many areas.

We have a massive list of answers stored away and post more for free every week in our “Your Tapping Questions Answered” newsletter.

Here are some of our most popular tapping questions.

1) What is tapping and how does it help with stress and other issues? Click here.

2) What is the most up to date form of tapping and how can I learn it? Click here.

3) What do I do when tapping stops working? Click here.

4) Why do we tap on the negative with tapping? Click here

5) What is the discovery statement and why is it important? Click here.

“Tapping is at the forefront of the new healing movement.”
– Candace Pert, PhD