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How can a Combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology Release Your Everyday Stress, Change Your Thinking and Lead to a Higher Level of Health, Wealth and Happiness?

Tapping offers great healing benefits.”
– Deepak Chopra, MD


How Tapping Works

  • British Singer Michael Ball has been seen tapping on daytime TV, Michael learnt tapping from the late singer, Stephen Gately, who used it to calm his own performance nerves.
  • Lily Allen’s weight loss was attributed to its efficacy
  • American PGA players have been spotted using tapping around the golf course.
  • Also Norwegian pole-vaulter Rens Blom credited his unexpected 2005 World Championship Gold to its powers.

Explore the internet and you will discover millions of accounts of its success on phobias, addiction, anxiety, chronic conditions, weight issues, trauma and more.

The Tapping we do today is a form of the Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, developed by American engineer, Gary Craig, who in 1997 simplified tapping making it easier for most people to follow after the method had already been created by Dr. Roger Callaghan, a psychologist who started the process after working with a client called Mary who was able to get beyond a life long phobia of water using tapping.

Roger had success after many different treatments failed but only after he experimented with her by tapping with his fingers on her meridian points. The issue was cleared and never returned.

A 12 year old child can learn tapping easily but you will discover as you go through our tapping material that to get success in all areas takes a little more skill and the EFT Tapping Hub will guide you every step of the way and help you to become a confident and competent tapper.

Tapping is a form of emotional acupuncture without the needles. We simply tap a number of stress release points on the face and body whilst expressing the issue at hand in a form of affirmation process. The tapping rewires the neurology and brings the brain back into balance.

gary tapping-2This is not just a new age theory, a study at Harvard medical School has shown that once these points are stimulated the body’s alarm, the flight or fight response, is switched of. So tapping can help calm the flight or fight process, that is important in keeping us safe and away from harm but at times overreacts. Calm and balance is restored and the stress response only functions in the face of true danger and stops reacting like a broken car alarm.

This means we have more control over stress in our lives as it is not the stress that is the problem but how we react to it. This is why some people can cope better than others when dealing with stress. Now you too can find the freedom from all kinds of limitations, phobias, chronic conditions, pain, headaches, cravings that can sabotage weight control, serious addictions, traumas and much more.

“Tapping is at the forefront of the new healing movement.”
– Candace Pert, PhD