Have you spent a great deal of time and money on…

    • endless tapping courses only to end up struggling to build your business
    • workshops that say charging more is a magic bullet in building a business
    • marketing, but as you run out of cash YOU still can’t get success!

Here is what the marketeers and tapping gurus will not tell you – What you charge clients is down to the level of skill you have and you can’t charge high rates until you are confident and competent, does that make sense to you?

The only real way is to do the work and over time learn the finer points. This is the ethos behind Tapping Hub TV.tapping women thinking

“If you are good at what you do and get great results, clients will recommend you”

We are here to share videos and some audios with you from our vast catalogue of material going back over many years.

Many of the tapping founders are featured offering insights that will take your skills to a higher level.

Once you have started on your journey with us you will be well on your way to tapping success and confident to charge a rate that reflects your skill and experience!

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Why join Tapping Hub TV?

For years now I have been developing the EFT Tapping Hub as an educational resource for everyone interested and passionate about using EFT Tapping and sharing this amazing process with the community.

At last you can now have access to some of the world’s leading tapping professionals and also join other like-minded people in the EFT Tapping Hub Library and share a wealth of material from people who are mastering the process and those who like you and me are learning to grow by using tapping every day.

If you have ever been to your local library you will know how useful it can be especially if the material is fresh and updated on a regular basis.

We are constantly adding to a wide variety of topics already covered and just like a library you can go the section you need easily and find what it is that meets your needs.

You can get to know us by first simply signing up for our weekly audio newsletter or just pay a monthly, six monthly, yearly or life time membership and enter the EFT Tapping Hub Library and discover a wealth of EFT Tapping educational material including over 50 different contributors all giving their time freely to help you develop the true art of EFT Tapping delivery.

10574379_10203571656825678_6170371823813910615_n“Much Gratitude Gary and Shirley for putting this all together. I didn’t realise how much EFT tapping I still have to do, mostly around fear of change. All the speakers were great and communicated their particular interests with skill and warm-heartedness. I love that so many are willing to share their knowledge from their own direct experience.” Cheers, Heera Burford, Byron Bay, Australia

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“Thank you, I appreciate the great material by such inspiring EFT tapping leaders.” Carrie

New to Tapping?

Tapping is an emotional version of acupuncture, but instead of using needles, we stimulate the well established energy meridian points on the energy body by tapping them with the fingertips.

Before attempting to use tapping for any issue please always read our disclaimer.

It is an incredibly gentle technique and you remain relaxed and fully clothed at all times.
When you work with a practitioner or learn tapping for yourself it can help boost your emotional health and is one of the most successful forms of energy healing.

“Many thanks for the massive effort in making this available.” Helen

How Does Tapping Work?

Electrical messages are constantly sent through your body to keep it informed of what’s going on. Without this energy flow you would not be able to see, hear, taste, smell or touch. It has been proven that disruptions or blockages in these electrical pathways can cause limiting thoughts and emotions and lead to ill-health.

More About Tapping Hub TV6 yellow eft tapping

Discover some of the science behind tapping with Bruce Lipton, Fred Gallo  and others.

Many insights to help you become a more confident and competent practitioner. This also offers a great starting point for anyone just starting out on their EFT tapping journey.

This expanding community will make it the best place for you to discover all of the new cutting edge EFT Tapping methods and adaptations that are appearing in the world of Energy Healing! Share insights from over 50 contributors including:

1. Gary Craig, 2. Alina Frank, 3. Craig Weiner, 4. Gwyneth Moss, 5. Jaqui Crooks, 6. Carol Look, 7. Linda Wood, 8. Brad Yates, 9. Jade Barbee, 10. Andy Bryce, 11. Tania Prince, 12. Sue Beer, 13. Maggie Adkins, 14. Rick Wilkes, 15. Emma Roberts, 16. Cathy Vartuli, 17. Shoshana Garfield, 18. Maryam Webster 19. Judy Byrne, 20. Sophia Cayer, 21. Rehana Webster, 22. Gwen Bonnell, 23. Lindsay Kenny, 24. Gillian Wightman, 25. Rod Sherwin, 26. Judy Rees, 27. Carol Tuttle, 28. Dr Patricia Carrington, 29. Natalie Hill, 30. Dr Fred Gallo, 31. Donna Bach, 32. Gary Groesbeck, 33. Cici Collins, 34. Julie Mann, 35. Lydia Proschinger, 36. Susan Bushell, 37. Sandy Kumskov, 38. Robert Smith, 39. Michael Morningstar, 40. Kathy Atkinson, 41. June Kaye Spencer, 42. Suzanne Zacharia, 43. Tony O’Conner, 44. Rhona Clews, 45. Sasha Allenby, 46. David Rourke, 47. Joanna Cummings AKA Nicci Tina, 48. Annabel Fisher, 49. Karl Dawson, 50. Jasmin Kovacev, 51. Gabrielle Rutten, 52. Rowena Beaumont 53. Marla Tabaka, 54. Janet Hilts, 55. Jan Luther, 56. George Brooks, 57. Dennis Bressack, 58. Ann Ross, 59. Marie Holliday, 60. Suzanne Alfandari, 61. Stefan Gonick, 62. Karin Davidson, 63. Paul Zelizer, 64. Rue Hass, 65. Till Shilling 66. Pamela Bruner, 67. Bob Doyle, 68. Bruce Lipton PhD 69. Sharon King, 70. Carey Mann, 71. Penny Croal, 72. Ted Wilmont, 73. Susie Shelmerdine, 74. Karl Dawson, 75. Chris Nunan, 76. Emma Bailey 77. Julie Schiffman, 78. Margaret Lynch, 79. Karen Fanjoy, 80. Valerie Lis, 81. Melisa Noel, 82. Maureen Fearon and the list is still growing…

We look forward to sharing this resource with you.


Here is a list of just some of the topics we cover…