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tapping women thinkingWith the EFT TappingHub, you can enjoy some of the latest tapping videos from top leaders in the field and access to our growing archive featuring many topics from basic tapping to in depth study on trauma, addictions, grief, Marketing, weight issues and much more.

All available online for download and if the EFT Tapping Hub is not for you, feel free to cancel at anytime with a click of your mouse.

“Many thanks for the massive effort in making this available.” Helen

Why the EFT Tapping Hub?

  • The tapping archive is exstensive covering a wide range of topics that will help you grow and offer insights into many areas
  • As well as EFT tapping we also look in-depth at Matrix Reimprinting and other complementary methodologies
  • The resource is ideal for the beginner and more advanced practitioner. It not only explains why and how tapping works but also what to do when it stops working
  • Many of the tapping founders are featured including Carol Look, Brad Yates, Fred Gallo and others. Offering you many insights that will take your skills to a much higher level
  • You will become part of a growing tapping community sharing thoughts and new concepts
    Offering you this free opportunity is a great way to see if we are both a fit for each other
  • “Thank you, I appreciate the great material by such inspiring EFT tapping leaders.” Carrie

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    Gary Williams
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    10574379_10203571656825678_6170371823813910615_n“Much Gratitude Gary and Shirley for puting this all together. I didn’t realise how much EFT tapping I still have to do, mostly around fear of change.

    All the speakers were great and communicated their particular interests with skill and warm-heartedness. I love that so many are willing to share their knowledge from their own direct experience, cheers.” Heera Burford, Byron Bay, Australia.