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eft hub womenWe are giving you the chance to download and gain access to the complete online EFT Tapping Hub Course.

Discover the comprehensive archive covering all the important areas you will need to learn to be a confident and competent tapping practitioner.Over 5 years of important insights in a step by step approach, featuring leaders in the field.

If you are new to tapping and want to learn more we recommend you get started with our level one content, we also have two more levels, a specialist area looking at trauma, addictions, weight issues and also how to promot and grow your tapping business.

  • If you need to learn more advanced concepts we have that inside the EFT Tapping Hub
  • If you need to market your tapping practice or find out more about a specialist area in tapping such as trauma, addictions, weight issues, relationships and other important areas, we do that too
  • We also look at other methodologies such as Matrix Reimprinting and other energy tapping techniques that complement the process

All presented by leaders in the field who are passionate about sharing the art of the process with you. Enrol for just one payment of $97. Or take a look at our free offer.

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“Thank you what a treat to be able to watch all these interesting videos at my ease!” Best regards, Ma

“Thank you for the lower bandwidth version, a big help here in Mexico.” Best wishes, Tamara Brenna

Course Content

Along with a downloadable workbook we offer you videos and downloadable audios at many levels:

Level One

Part – 001 – How to tap demonstration
Part – 002 – Discovery Statement
Part – 003 – SUDS, Getting Tapping right and other Insights
Part – 004 – Borrowing Benefits, Sticking with the Basics and Being Creative
Part – 005 – Self Help and “Following the Trail
Part – 006 – Affirmations and the Set Up
Part – 007 – Why Do We Tap On The Negative
Part – 008 – Why We Tap On The Negative Part Two
Part – 009 – Being Specific
Part – 010 – Being Specific Part Two
Part – 011 – Being Specific Part Three
Part – 012 – Being Specific and Aspects
Part – 013 – Being Specific and Aspects – Part Two
Part – 014 – Global versus Specifics

“Many thanks for the massive effort in making this available.” Helen

Level Two

Part – 015 – Core Issues
Part – 016 – Core Issues – Part Two
Part – 017 – Why we get stuck and why tapping stops working
Part – 018 – Why tapping stops working – Part Two
Part – 019 – The Gentle Techniques
Part – 020 – The Movie Technique
Part – 021 – Psychological Reversal Part One
Part – 022 – Psychological Reversal Part Two
Part – 023 – Psychological Reversal Part Three
Part – 024 – Psychological Reversal Part Four
Part – 025 – Psychological Reversal Part Five
Part – 026 – Psychological Reversal Part Six
Part – 027 – Psychological Reversal Part Seven
Part – 028 – Psychological Reversal – Sabotage to Success
Part – 029 – Borrowing Benefits
Part – 030 – Borrowing Benefits – Part Two
Part – 031 – Surrogate Tapping

“Dear Gary, it is really such a positive energy you give to a lot of people, so many great EFT’ers to listen too. great… and inspiring… thank you Gary. I especially enjoyed the Brad Yates EFT tapping videos so thank you again for sharing all this information.” Esther

Level Three – More Advanced Tapping

Part – 032 – Creating Rapport and Tapping on the Telephone
Part – 033 – Creating Rapport and Tapping on the Telephone – Part Two
Part – 034 – Personal Peace and Self Help
Part – 035 – Working on your own and Personal Peace
Part – 036 – Limiting Beliefs
Part – 037 – Limiting Beliefs Part Two
Part – 038 – The Biology of Belief
Part – 039 – The Biology of Belief Part Two
Part – 040 – Three Key Question
Part – 041 – Questions and Listening
Part – 042 – Creative Questions
Part – 043 – Questions and staying Stuck
Part – 044 – Top 5 Questions for a Successful Breakthrough
Part – 045 – Learning Clean Language
Part – 046 – Abreations
Part – 050 – Abreactions Part One
Part – 047 – Abreactions Part Two
Part – 048 – Abreactions Part Three
Part – 049 – Abreactions Part Four

We also have many specialist subjects covered including, trauma, grief, addictions, relationships, weight issues, marketing your tapping practice and much more…

“I want to see it all and have fulfilled a long-held desire to enter the EFT Tapping Hub. Thanks again for your great work.” Sharon Dougles

Just one payment of $97 nothing else to pay!

EFT Hub 97
“So far, Carol Look’s video has been quite helpful…as always. I resonate VERY strongly with Alina Frank and LOVED her EFT tapping sequence. Thanks for this work you’re doing!!!! Blessings and peace to you. ♥” Jaci

“The best video for me was about EFT tapping for children under 3. I think it is very valuable for a lot of parents and can help a lot of children in the world.” Ilona

Thank you so much Gary, absolutely wonderful.” Bàrbara