Here is what some tapping gurus may not tell you…

The truth is many people combine knowledge in another therapy such a Hypnotherapy, NLP or some other process that helps them get high level results. But also your success with tapping could purely be down to the amount of effort and time you put in and the level of tapping practice and skill that you acquire.

The only real way for tapping to work for you is to do the work and over time learn the finer points. This is why Tapping Hub TV is here, to help you reach a standard of skill that allows the tapping to work every time.

It is a crime when people stop using the process because they think it doesn’t work, not knowing that it is their lack of skill that is holding them back.

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“Many thanks for the massive effort in making this available.” Helen

We are here to share videos and some audios with you from our vast catalogue of material going back over many years.

Many of the tapping founders are featured including Carol Look, Brad Yates, Fred Gallo and others. Offering you many insights that will take your skills to a much higher level.

“Thank you, I appreciate the great material by such inspiring EFT tapping leaders.” Carrie

Once you have started on your journey with us and shared our material from leading lights in the tapping world, you will be well on your way to improving your skills in a step by step way that will help you gain the tapping success you are looking for.

Also if you are thinking of becoming a practitioner and helping others with this amazing life changing technique, by joining our community of tappers and developing together you will become more confident about going out into the world and asking for an exchange that reflects your level of skill and experience.

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If you have ever been to your local library you will know how useful it can be especially if the material is fresh and updated on a regular basis.

We are constantly adding to a wide variety of topics already covered and just like a library you can go to the section you need easily and find what it is that meets your needs.

10574379_10203571656825678_6170371823813910615_n“Much Gratitude Gary and Shirley for putting this all together. I didn’t realise how much EFT tapping I still have to do, mostly around fear of change.

All the speakers were great and communicated their particular interests with skill and warm-heartedness. I love that so many are willing to share their knowledge from their own direct experience, cheers.” Heera Burford, Byron Bay, Australia.